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What We're Connecting


The Three Pillars of Synapse

To build a flourishing innovation hub in Florida, you need to discover everything the state has to offer. Through the 3 Pillars of Synapse, we give the community the opportunity to connect, solve problems and come together.

First, we have Synapse Connect which is a unique platform that connects entrepreneurs, investors, corporations, service providers, governments and more.

From there, these innovators can test their ingenuity through our Synapse Challenges and translate their ideas into real-world solutions. You can think of it as crowdsourcing to solve problems within the innovation community.

Finally, our signature Synapse Events bring the community together to have meaningful dialogues, brainstorm, be inspired, and learn from our speakers and panelists.

Working together, our hub is helping to create economies centered around innovation.

Synapse Summit VR Experience
innovation hub platform

Synapse Connect

An online platform that easily and quickly connects innovators with the resources they need to accelerate success.

Innovation hub challenges

Synapse Challenges

A crowdsourcing solution for organizations to solve real-world problems. This creates new opportunities for forward-thinking businesses and people.

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innovation hub events

Synapse Events

Join us at Synapse events across Florida. These are where visionaries, doers and success-makers connect with the latest innovations across all industries.

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Community Framework

The rising tide lifts all boats. That’s the Synapse mantra and our innovative community is strong because we truly support each other.

We celebrate wins, inspire collaboration, and help create meaningful connections. We also give freely to help others succeed because when one does well, we all benefit.

Innovation is a team sport. That’s why Synapse focuses on building a hub that fosters relationships between the key innovation partners. These include entrepreneurs, investors, entrepreneurial support organizations, innovation enablers, talent, government, educational institutions, and corporations.

Innovation hub personas

Visionaries & Innovators

Synapse is the place to find what you need and share what you have. Our innovation hub is made up of visionaries, change-makers and doers, risk takers. By connecting with us, you'll be exposed to innovative partners, opportunities, and resources throughout Florida.

Join us online at Synapse Connect, in person at a Synapse event or solving Synapse Challenges

However you connect with us, make sure to bring your talents, ideas and creativity.